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Note From Chair

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Note From Chair


Cassidy Hjelmstad

I am grateful and honored to serve as your 2024 Minot Area Chamber EDC Board Chair. I realize I’m standing on the shoulders of giants and following the path this important organization forged to get us where we are today. 2023 Board Chair Kevin Black led strategic events and initiatives that model the way for other communities who look to Minot as THE place to do business. As we build off that positive momentum, my goal as 2024 Board Chair is to bring into focus how each and every Member Investor contributes building blocks for MACEDC.

Our 5-year Strategic Plan was built around five key pillars – Economic Development, Community Development, Workforce Development, Military Support, and Member Investor Services. We are grateful to Member Investors for your support of MACEDC’s mission. We recognize how critical local business is to advancing our vision. And we recognize we cannot do it alone.

Success doesn’t happen without business leadership across the community and the great employees who help each of us thrive. MACEDC’s Eagle Awards Program shines a light on hospitality in our area. In 2023, 188 Eagle Awards were presented across 123 different businesses. Ambassador ribbon cuttings highlight another Member Investor accomplishment. Businesses are innovating, updating, and creating, and we appreciate the opportunity to share in your successes. This past year there were 77 ribbon cuttings, and every one of those red ribbons adds proof of Minot’s progress.

Several MACEDC programs offer the opportunity for businesses to join together for mutual benefit and community impact. The new Wayfinder program, which welcomes newcomers to Minot, spotlights local businesses as attractions to the area. During the Community Leadership Institute, local business owners share stories about why they chose to build their businesses here. The oil and gas industry benefits from MACEDC’s role in the Bakken GROW program, recruiting residents to our great city. And the Find the Good Life program attracts people to Minot based on the array of business opportunities and quality of life options – all thanks to our businesses. These recruiting pipelines will continue to benefit Minot and the surrounding area.

As we continue to emphasize military support, we can’t overstate our gratitude to the Minot Air Force Base for nuclear deterrence and defending our nation, for a staggering $621 million economic impact to our region, and for promoting the community. We will continue to support you and we thank you for your service.

MACEDC enjoys a collaborative relationship with the City of Minot on advocacy, military, and many other initiatives. We appreciate the City’s support, trust, and leadership, and look forward to finding more ways to build solutions together.
In 2024 and beyond, we will continue to show our valued Member Investors how we can innovate together, build for the future together, and educate others on why there truly is Magic in Minot. Thank you for your support. We look forward to working together for your businesses, just as you have done for MACEDC.



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