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The Minot Area Chamber Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in partnership with Minot Air Force Base introduces the Adopt an Airman program. Adopt an Airman allows military and local families to “adopt” an Airman to form new bonds, friendships, and support networks.
For a lot of Airmen, it is their first time away from home. Adopt an Airman allows military members to have a sense of hospitality. These families provide Airmen with a caring environment and a sense of belonging that could potentially build relationships that last a lifetime. Host families are encouraged to treat military members as a member of the family, not simply as a guest.
“We are always so thankful for the men and women of Minot Air Force Base. This program is a way to extend a sense of home and hospitality to those who are new to our community,” said Carla Dolan, Vice President of the Minot Area Chamber EDC.
Adopt an Airman will attempt to match Airmen with a host family who share the same basic interests and characteristics, such as sports, hobbies, religion, and other activities with which they identify.

If interested, download the information below:
Host Application
Airman Application
Adopt an Airman Brochure

To submit an application, or to ask questions and learn more about the Adopt an Airman program, please email:


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